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Top 5 Ways to Find a Government Contract

Government contract financing

By Ezra Cabrera

January 24, 2022

Government contracting can be a lucrative venture for small businesses. The United States government is one of the largest consumers in the world, and like any other business, they need goods and services to function effectively. Through government contracting, your business might just become one of the government’s suppliers. As a small business, winning a government contract could mean a significant boost in your sales and reputation.

If you’re interested in pursuing government contracts, you may be wondering where you can find one to bid on. The U.S. Government has set up a few databases potential contractors can use to find government contracts. These websites also serve as the government’s source for potential contractors. We’ve outlined the websites below:


SAM is short for System Awards and Management. The U.S. Government controls and maintains SAM.gov, the largest government contractors and federal contracts database. SAM.gov is usually the go-to for businesses bidding on government contracts worth $25,000 or less. Additionally, the site lets you view previously awarded contracts to study and prepare for your contract proposals in the future.

The federal agencies also use the site to look for potential vendors. That said, for the customers to find your company, you must create a search-friendly SAM profile. What does that mean? Like optimizing your website, using keywords that describe what your business offers can make your SAM profile more visible to your customers (a.k.a federal agencies).

Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS)

The Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) is an SBA-maintained website that lists all the government’s up-and-coming projects. Small business owners interested in pursuing government contracts can use the website to look for potential contracts they can bid on. If your business is a B2B company, you can also use the site to look for other small ventures to work with.

It’s worth noting that the Dynamic Small Business Search also uses the information you provided in your SAM.gov. So, it might be worth spending effort and time making a comprehensive business profile on SAM.

GSA Schedules

Another way to secure government contracts is by working with the GSA. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is a federal government that manages federal properties and connects federal agencies to government contractors. The phrase “get on to the GSA Schedule” essentially means that your business has been approved to do business with a federal agency.

Subcontracting Opportunities

Larger companies working on government contracts may seek small businesses to serve as their subcontractors. Subcontractors are essentially the primary vendor’s vendors. The larger government contractor hires the subcontractor and delegates a portion of the project to them. If you’re new to government contracting, subcontracting is a perfect opportunity to dip your toes in the world of government contracting.

SubNet is another SBA-maintained website that acts as a database for subcontracting opportunities. Large contractors use the website to post projects. The subcontractors can then see the projects and the business name, starting date, project location, and other pertinent information.

You can also find subcontracting opportunities by checking the SBA’s directory of federal government prime contractors with subcontracting plans. The GSA and The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) also maintain an extensive directory of prime contractors offering subcontracting opportunities.

Look at the Government’s “Wish Lists”

As the name implies, the Government “Wish List” is just a wish list. It’s an optional project that is only implemented when money is available. The items on the list may or may not be up for bid, but by constantly checking out the “wish list,” you may be able to stay ahead of the competitors and bid on a potential government contract.

Final Thoughts

Government contracts can be a very profitable project for your business, allowing your business to grow significantly. However, they can also be a capital-intensive investment. That said, before pursuing government contracts, be sure that you have the capital ready.

Government contract financing can ensure that you have the funds ready to fulfill federal contracts. With it, you won’t have to worry about cash flow gaps to proceed with the projects smoothly.

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