“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Over 40 Years of Experience

Michael Bagley, Partner

For three decades I’ve been involved with both client and employee relationships within the financial services industry. During this time of serving people and businesses alike, I’ve learned to focus on the individual most directly impacted by the value of the service provided. This focus has given me a personal motive of service as I tell my team, “it’s all about people”. As a founding partner of GillmanBagley, I’m especially excited to drive our mission which is to provide the highest standard of service and products available through a personal consultative relationship.

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Matthew Gillman, Partner

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs it was always my mission to work with business owners. I focused all my efforts and built my career to provide the best service and solutions to the small business community. We founded GillmanBagley to be a valued and trusted partner that business owners could rely on. At the end of the day capital is a commodity, there are dozens of lenders and banks to choose from, so we always have to ask ourselves, why should someone choose us? We have to earn our reputation every day, stand behind our core values and the services we offer.

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What We Do

GillmanBagley is a leading provider of invoice financing and asset-based lending to small businesses and lower middle market companies. We offer financing solutions that allows companies to access working capital by leveraging their business assets.


Our Approach

We are business owners and understand the importance of strong and reliable financial partners. Companies need partners that add value, provide top notch customer service, and take the time to understand their business. Here at GillmanBagley we pride ourselves on being that partner.

Our Mission

GillmanBagley’s Mission is clear, to set The World Standard for service and integrity in the Asset Based Lending industry by helping business owners achieve company goals, employ people and manage cash flow.

Companies Financed

Years of Experience

Invoices Purchased

Relationships Made Along The Way

Invoice Factoring

Why wait to get paid on work that you’ve already completed? Our invoice financing programs allow companies to get paid the same day an invoice is generated. Invoice financing enables companies to create liquidity for payroll, marketing, and other day to day expenses.

Asset Based Lending

Our asset-based lending solutions provide companies the ability to borrow capital secured by accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment. Asset-based lending helps free up liquidity that’s tied up in non-cash business assets.

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