Funding Government Contractors is our Expertise

Not only do you need the expertise to perform your award, but you also need to be financially prepared

Financing, insights, and expertise to help you cashflow your award

Our team has over 75 years of experience working with both government contractors and the varying government agencies. GillmanBagley is registered with SAM.GOV and has deep expertise in the assignment of claims process. As a government contractor it’s very important to work with a finance company that not only understands your business, but understands your client, the government.

Common Challenges We Solve for Government Contractors

Contract financing solutions built to provide the working capital needed to perform new and existing awards. Utilize customized solutions for…

Mobilize Contracts

Fund Payroll

Pay Subcontractors

Cashflow Awards

Purchase Materials

Equipment Procurement

Custom Tailored Solutions for GovCons

Our working capital solutions are built specifically around the needs of government contracts. We understand when and why capital is needed and know how to do it!

Line of Credit

Our line of credit is designed to support government contractors that ore looking to bridge the gap between when they get paid and the expenses that ore incurred during the period of performance. Government contracts often only allow for one monthly invoice with net 30 terms, which means you could hove over 60 days of expenses before being paid your first invoice.

Payroll & Expense Funding

This program is specifically designed for growing government contractors that are winning FTE awards larger than what their current cash flow can support. Our payroll funding program will fund mid month payroll for experienced contractors ramping up new awards.

Mobilization Advances

Some contracts require upfront capitol to mobilize new awards. Whether it be moving product, people, or equipment, if the contract doesn't have a mobilization component it's on the contractor to lay out the capitol. Rather than turning down on opportunity, mobilization funding provides the capitol needed to get to your first invoice.

We have the expertise to help you execute

Our team has provided over $1B in capital to business owners throughout the country and we are dedicated to setting the world standard for customer experience in commercial lending. Speak with one of our team members to learn about our programs and see if we are the right fit for your business.

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